Why Embrace EV Charging Stations with EMS

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Republic Act No. 11697 was signed on April 15. It outlines the regulatory framework for the manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles. Its main policy aim is to promote the industry as a “feasible mode of transportation to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.” Philippines is a step away from accelerating the development, commercialization, and utilization of EVs and EV charging stations.

The Department of Energy leads the EV adoption campaign and the rollout of charging stations. Considering this, it is a good and easier way for Filipinos to adapt to the change and development of EV and its charging stations.

Envision’s energy monitoring system (EMS) has proven its effectiveness in many facilities in a trading company in Bulacan, Telco tower in Tarlac, distribution company located at Valenzuela, etc.. These business entities are able to monitor real time energy data consumption through this system.

EV charging station with EMS

What happens if EV charging stations use EMS?

Advantage in Actual Energy Consumed

Basic kilowatt hour (kWh) monitoring helps users accurately identify what portion of the total energy usage is derived from the EV chargers. Users are able to identify if the EV chargers have a certain energy peak load and demand changes. 

Advanced AC Monitoring

Deeper analysis into the energy consumption and usage is easier with Envision’s devices. Advanced AC monitoring allows remote monitoring and historical data analysis via LAN connection. Data interpretation is just in the palm of your hands, either via smartphone or the user’s PC. These data logs and reports are stored in the cloud that the users can use for actual energy usage and comparison.

Full Monitoring and Remote Solutions

Remote monitoring saves a lot of waiting time for users in using EV chargers. They do not need to sit down and wait for their EVs to attain 100% charging. Charging progress can be viewed on the Envision’s phone application. 

Full monitoring is also possible with EV stations using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar (as either sole or hybrid power source provider). These solutions offer monitoring on both AC and DC side. EMS is able to create data analysis and real-time forecasts of every parameter of power production and consumption.

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