What to Consider When Implementing an Energy Monitoring System

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Business owners and industrial facility engineers are continuously challenged with achieving lower electricity bill for the organization, and coming up with more sustainable and earth-friendly solutions. One smash-and-grab solution for this is implementation of an energy monitoring system.

Energy Monitoring System Defined

Information-driven decisions result in more practical and effective outcomes, and it’s no different in the energy sector. An energy monitoring system is simply a mix of gadgetry and software that aims to help users monitor power consumption. Aside from showing the patterns of use that can be used to determine KPIs, smarter models can show real-time energy data, and flag faults while indicating quick fixes for the problem.

Common Considerations

Practicality is key when integrating an energy monitoring system in your organization. Below are some common considerations when acquiring such.

  • Current energy consumption bill

Determine first the range of your recent energy consumption bills. Do you feel that there are any areas you can optimize or improve on to lower your electricity bill?

  • Does ROI fit my timeline?

Implementation of an energy monitoring system may be costly, but will pay itself with the information it provides to drive smart changes in your facility.

  • What capabilities do I need for our energy monitoring system?

Every organization’s energy monitoring needs will likely differ. Luckily, there are a variety of hardware and software available in the market to suit most business’ needs.

  • What expertise and resources will I need?

Some technical aspects of job might not be within the scope of expertise of your in-house team and your current properties, hence it might be practical to look into 3rd party players to address your existing gaps.

A long term investment

Although quite costly at times, an energy monitoring system will pay itself in time with how much you save with your lower electricity bill, with help of the energy data it provides. On a wider scope, smarter consumption of energy makes you an advocate of the global energy conservation movement that generally aims to preserve fossil fuels and minimize the damage on our planet Earth.

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