What is Energy Management and Why it Matters?

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In line with the pressing issue on energy efficiency, President Duterte has finally signed into law, Republic Act No. 11285 also known as the “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act” last April 2019. This law was filed to recognize the need to institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation to utilize energy management. 

As one of the steps to address the issues on energy deficiency, this law is just one consideration as to why we still need to manage and monitor our energy resources and implement power-saving measures during times of peak power consumption. 

As defined by Energy Lens, Energy Management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy to improve energy-saving efforts and create a better use to existing buildings or equipment that will enable you to: 

  1. Reduce Costs – energy management has become so relevant as energy costs rise. 
  2. Reduce Carbon Emissions – promote a green and sustainable persona. 
  3. Reduce Risk – your business will be at risk if you use too much energy


Creating energy-saving efforts in offices, workplaces, hotels, malls, households, etc., efficiently and intelligently can have considerable benefits. These efforts could be a way to achieve the following energy-saving benefits that may not only free you from too much spending but also put a brake on disasters and reduce the escalating energy prices. 

Reduce Energy Costs 

The priority of why there are energy management roots down from the global need to save energy. This global need directly affects energy prices, emissions, targets, and legislations and other compelling reasons. 

Electricity, hydro, water, and gas can trigger your pockets to spend a 6-7-digit amount. By managing your energy, you will be able to make a plan that helps you cut costs where you need it most. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you die down your energy costs:

  • Are the lights always on?
  • How many lights are on and how long are these on?
  • How often do you open the aircon and how long does it operate?
  • What are the appliances that you use every day?
  • How much do you spend in every appliance?
  • What type of atmosphere are you comfortable in?
  • Are there any alternatives you can provide?
  • Are your lights turned off at the end of the night?
  • Do you have a backup security light in case?

These questions may help you change the way you spend on energy. Aside from these questions, you may also consider these following ways to promote energy conservation on your household, work or business:

  • In an establishment, there is always an off-peak energy usage. Make a way to use excess energy during the low and off-peak times. 
  • Monitor your energy usage through technology. You don’t need to exert any effort to manually check your energy consumption. Through technology, you can now access or monitor your energy usage through an app. 
  • Use alternative replacements. To consume less energy, use appliances with cheaper costs. 


Obviously, there is a direct connection between energy usage and the environment. The lesser we consume energy, the lesser the toxic fumes released by power plants. It is just one step to conserve our natural resources and protect our ecosystem from being consistently ruined. 

Just a month ago, we saw photos of the burning Amazon on the news. As accounted by NASA, this year’s fires have been the most intense compared to previous years. Thousands if not millions of animals died in the forest fires and little did we know how long will Amazon engineer back its glory. This phenomenon may be accounted to how bad people are at managing energy and taking care of our ecosystem. 

It is not a surprise that people are now getting a little empathetic, at least, to our environment because of the disasters coming in and out of nowhere. 

One step to battle disasters and avoid unnecessary expenses is to start managing or monitoring your energy consumption in the best and most convenient way there is. 

Envision, a cloud-based energy monitoring system enables you to manage your energy wherever you are through portable mobile access to the powerful system. Envision also created an app that allows users to receive notifications and alerts in some important events and download data for analysis. 

If you got no time to manually check and monitor your energy consumption, enjoy the convenience of real-time monitoring with Envision! Download the Envision Monitoring App now!

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