Things to Consider in a Whole New Network of Fueling

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Electric vehicles have been dominating the car industry due to its positive impact on cost and the environment. Establishments should see this as an opportunity to be part of it. EV chargers are a must to establish and sustain the EV industry. Businesses can take advantage of being a part of the whole new network of fueling – electric charging stations. Here are the most important things to consider in becoming a CUC station:

Can you supply the demand?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider in establishing your own commercial use charging (CUC) station is the demand of electricity the chargers will render to your energy systems. Can you handle the additional load and of course the additional costs this will inflict in your electricity bill at the bottom line? Commercial charging stations are optimally required to use fast chargers which at an average produces 50kW. Make sure your energy facility can provide these charging stations with their demand and sustain it for regular use.

Do you have the space?

Since electric vehicles are becoming more of an inevitable trend of the future, the demand for charging stations would certainly and eventually grow. Is your space enough to accommodate the demand for charging? An average fast charging can take up to 30 mins. This means at some point, some car would have to wait. Make sure your space can accommodate the charging and waiting cars and that it would not overspill to the roads which will then cause disturbance to the traffic.

How can users find out about your charging points?

Aside from being in a prime location, what steps can you take to make sure that your Chargers’ existence is known to the market? Would you have a launching campaign? Or you’ll trust the process and wait till EV users find their way to your charging points? The marketing campaign and effort should also be a factor for you to consider since in this step, you would know how many EV Users are around the area or pass by your location.

Is your space accessible to the users?

Accessibility of your charging station should also be considered, is your proposed location roadside where users can easily turn or plan their stops or is somewhere where they still need to go out of their way just to be able to reach your charging station? If so, you might want to rethink because this can hinder users ultimately decreasing the demand for your station. Remember, lower demand means higher cost of charging.

What chargers and systems are you planning to use?

In establishing charging stations, you should also plan ahead on which brand and type of charger you will use. In the vast market of chargers from different manufacturers, you can consider some factors like dynamic charging capabilities, smart charging capabilities, and the facility to upgrade to cope up with future technology. Basically future-proof chargers are the best to find while of course ensuring their durability and efficiency to charge vehicles without demanding too much from your power.

These considerations bring much value to your establishment making it appreciate over time. Make sure to follow and have these 5 things in sustaining a better future for the electric vehicle industry

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