The Benefits of Using Green Energy

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With climate change being an ever-present issue, turning to green energy is slowly becoming the trend. Also referred to as renewable energy, green energy is harnessed from natural resources such as wind, water, and sunlight. It is a better alternative compared to the more traditional use of fossil fuels for our energy needs. It has the ability to reduce pollution and the harmful emissions that can destroy the environment. 

To think that green energy can only benefit the environment alone is an understatement. Green energy actually proves to be beneficial not just for your home or for your business as it can impact larger society and also the economy! Here are some benefits of green energy that otherwise may go overlooked. 

They are more reliable

You can count on green energy to deliver better than the traditional energy systems. The green energy system is less likely to experience large scale system failures as they are spread out over a large geographical area meaning they are distributed. They are also modular, meaning they are made up of many units of equipment. This way problems with the equipment or external problems such as bad weather would do little to disrupt the service of an entire area. 

They can lower healthcare costs 

Humans are used to air and even water pollution even if these are harmful to our health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the cause of nearly 2 million premature deaths yearly all around the world. Polluted air and water can bring about diseases such as cancer, respiratory diseases, heart attacks, and many other grave sicknesses. These can be attributed to harmful fossil fuel emissions. Green energy sources can aid in lessening the harmful emissions and clean up the quality of air and water. As a whole, this can improve public health and lowers overall healthcare costs. It is important to note that the state of the environment affects the quality of our food and also our body’s health. 

They can help the economy 

Taxes from renewable energy projects are collected by the local government. This money can be used to improve public services and aid in adding new jobs and even raising the income in both households and businesses. A ripple effect is created that can also extend to other industries even if they are not related to the green energy industry. 

In relation to this, green energy production helped in creating an estimated 7.7 million new jobs all over the world in 2014 according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Keeping this up, these numbers could soar in 2030 to more than 16 million jobs. 

They can be used again

This is one of the big advantages of this type of energy. Green energy sources are renewable and can be replenished naturally and at a fast pace too. Sources such as wind, water, geothermal heat, and sunlight all have the ability to supply an entire country’s energy needs and even in excess. 

They can mean being independent 

Green energy sources do not need to be imported which means lessening our dependence on a foreign country’s fossil fuel imports. Money used on imports can be saved and used for other matters. Using green energy can make one self-sustaining. 

As shown here, going green helps the environment, our society and our state of living as well. While it may be overlooked, these things add up and affect what would be our future. 

Going green is also a habit and a way of life geared towards being mindful about the environment. A big part of this means being aware of your consumptions and wastages and this goes the same for energy. Solutions such as energy monitoring systems have become important in keeping track of your energy consumption. An ideal one is a system that is both intelligent and easy to use just like Envision Monitoring System. Contact us today to learn more about how Envision can help your business go green. 

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