Electrical Safety Tips

7 Electrical Safety Tips: Safety Proof Your Facility

Did you know that faulty electrical wirings are among the top 3 causes of fire in the Philippines? With electricity powering up most of our day-to-day activities, not only is it important to know effective measures to manage our energy expenses but at the same time, it is essential to know the safety measures that […]

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Demand to Internet Data and the Impact to Energy Usage

Demand for Internet Data and the Impact to Energy Usage

We use the internet for almost anything.Whether for checking our social media feeds, looking up a question we have, or even streaming ourfavorite TV shows. What we may not realize is the backend implications of these simple clicks. A simple Google search can activate servers in different data centers around the world and consumes real […]

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Smart Devices to save Energy

Are smart devices enough to save energy?

In the age of technology and innovation, wherein appliances and gadgets (or as you call it “smart devices”) are now interconnected, it is hard to see the line on which consumes more energy and what exactly to do about it. An assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Public Policy, Mr. Omar […]

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Benefits of Green Energy

The Benefits of Using Green Energy

With climate change being an ever-present issue, turning to green energy is slowly becoming the trend. Also referred to as renewable energy, green energy is harnessed from natural resources such as wind, water, and sunlight. It is a better alternative compared to the more traditional use of fossil fuels for our energy needs. It has […]

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Technology that can Lower Energy Consumption

Technology that can Lower your Household Energy Consumption

With the rise of new technologies almost every day, it may be hard to drown out the noise from all the advertisements around us and see what the practical option is. With prices for utilities such as water, gas, and electricity going higher by the day, the practical option may be the one that can […]

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