What to Consider When Implementing an Energy Monitoring System

Business owners and industrial facility engineers are continuously challenged with achieving lower electricity bill for the organization, and coming up with more sustainable and earth-friendly solutions. One smash-and-grab solution for this is implementation of an energy monitoring system. Energy Monitoring System Defined Information-driven decisions result in more practical and effective outcomes, and it’s no different […]

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Different Factors Affecting Energy Costs

Different Factors Affecting Energy Costs in the Philippines

It may come as a surprise that the Philippines is one of the most energy consuming countries in the world. One factor is that we are located in a tropical location where the sun hits directly at those countries. The use of electrical fans and air conditioners are widely consumed in order to ease the […]

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Bad Effects of Volcanic Ash

Bad Effects of Volcanic Ash to Buildings & Energy Facilities

Volcanoes are one active in terms of climate change as we experience it unexpectedly year by year. Being part of the pacific ring of fire, it is very inevitable for us to be more cautious and alert in times of calamities, especially the unexpected events. We have to be prepared at all times in order […]

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Demand to Internet Data and the Impact to Energy Usage

Demand for Internet Data and the Impact to Energy Usage

We use the internet for almost anything.Whether for checking our social media feeds, looking up a question we have, or even streaming ourfavorite TV shows. What we may not realize is the backend implications of these simple clicks. A simple Google search can activate servers in different data centers around the world and consumes real […]

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Technology that can Lower Energy Consumption

Technology that can Lower your Household Energy Consumption

With the rise of new technologies almost every day, it may be hard to drown out the noise from all the advertisements around us and see what the practical option is. With prices for utilities such as water, gas, and electricity going higher by the day, the practical option may be the one that can […]

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