Different Factors Affecting Energy Costs

Different Factors Affecting Energy Costs in the Philippines

It may come as a surprise that the Philippines is one of the most energy consuming countries in the world. One factor is that we are located in a tropical location where the sun hits directly at those countries. The use of electrical fans and air conditioners are widely consumed in order to ease the […]

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Energy Saving Tips on Community Quarantine

Energy Saving Tips While on Community Quarantine

Many businesses are now greatly affected by the enhanced community quarantine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and businesses have either paused their operations or are now working on a skeletal workforce to keep the business running during this tough time. While this is a challenging time for businesses in general, we may also […]

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Technology that can Lower Energy Consumption

Technology that can Lower your Household Energy Consumption

With the rise of new technologies almost every day, it may be hard to drown out the noise from all the advertisements around us and see what the practical option is. With prices for utilities such as water, gas, and electricity going higher by the day, the practical option may be the one that can […]

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Energy Costs

10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

Going green or going rich? If you are looking for ways to either go green or start saving money, managing your energy is one great way to start it. From huge business establishments to households, one of the major sources of expenditure is energy bills. Take a moment to assess how much have you been […]

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