Energy Saving Tips on Community Quarantine

Energy Saving Tips While on Community Quarantine

Many businesses are now greatly affected by the enhanced community quarantine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and businesses have either paused their operations or are now working on a skeletal workforce to keep the business running during this tough time. While this is a challenging time for businesses in general, we may also […]

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electricity usage

How Excessive Electricity Usage Affects the Environment

Electricity is what keeps the world going. Without it, advances and innovations are literally useless. But in this predominantly technology-centered era, are we using electricity, just enough? Or are we already crossing the line? The cultivation of electricity offers huge conveniences, from home to work, everything is running with ease. But human as we go, […]

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outdated equipment

Disadvantages of using Outdated Equipment to your Business

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow, outdated business equipment. Cue in your 5-year old office computer that crashes just in time after you’ve finished your report, and the office printer that flashes out error code after error code when you’re in a rush. We’ve all been there before. More than the pain and frustration using […]

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Role of AI in Smarter Energy

The Role of AI in Moving to Smarter Energy

Most of our old practices and items have become obsolete over time.  This has been the case for our household with old items slowly needed upgraded versions. These upgrades weren’t because of aesthetic purposes but rather something more functional like in terms of product and energy efficiency. In particular, these upgraded versions have started integrating […]

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Inefficient Energy Use

How Does Inefficient Energy Use Limits Business Success?

What is one of the secrets to a successful enterprise? That they are able to do more with less. With costs on the rise coupled with environmental concerns, it has become all the more essential to be able to do more with less resources. It is a strategic mistake to simply think of energy as […]

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