Solar Plant Efficiency Through a Monitoring System

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Defining how efficient a solar plant depends on many factors. This includes dust, pollen, dirt, shadows cast by trees and failure of various parts, connectors and cables. It is important to know the problems and eliminate them on time to maximize the return on investment. Monitoring systems for the equipment of solar plants play a crucial role in taking care of these kinds of problems. 

Some PV inverters have the capacity to monitor the amount of electricity produced or some other parameters. These little features of integrated monitoring solutions are not enough to fully assess the power plant’s efficiency. Monitor and control systems must have the capacity to notice the nuances that influence its performance and efficiency. 

Here are some of the benefits of a monitoring system in a solar plant:

  • By having the efficiencies of your PV arrays at your fingertips, it is easy to find out when and where something goes wrong
  • A monitoring system can give you an alert or instant notification if anything about the system falls outside of preset parameters.
  • Energy saving option
  • Minimization of losses due to shading and other effects on the solar panels
  • Reduced maintenance cost and time.

Monitoring system needed in a solar plant must have automated weather stations that provide important parameters including incoming solar radiation, wind, ambient temperature and module cell temperature. These stations provide owners and operators with site performance data. It ensures that the site is performing as expected during the life of the project. 

Monitoring system in a solar plant is very essential in identifying its efficiency. With real-time data analysis, distinguishing between normal fluctuations and anomalies is very easy. Monitoring and control of PV systems is essential for reliable functioning and maximum yield of any solar power plants. 

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