Solar EV Charging with EMS — Is It Possible?

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Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the best options in contributing to a cleaner mode of transportation. Although EVs are considered an eco-friendly solution, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint remain an issue if conventional sources of energy are used to generate electricity to EV charging stations. 

According to the DTI, EV players consist of 54 manufacturers/importers, 11 parts manufacturers, and 18 dealers/traders. There are 19 charging stations, mostly in the main island of Luzon. A majority of these charging stations power EVs through the grid. However, the idea of EVs is genuinely sustainable only if they are charged using renewable energy. True green mobility will be compromised if charging stations will not adopt a cleaner source of energy. 

Public EV charging stations in Metro Manila range from 7.4Kw to 50Kw with 1-3 charging ports.  With the emerging number of EVs used, these charging stations are not enough in the long run. The recent approved Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA) stated in Chapter III, Sec. 18, the Comprehensive Roadmap for the Electric Vehicle Industry (CREVI) determines when dedicated parking slots shall be installed with a charging station either by the owner of the building or a charging station service provider. Additionally, Chapter III, Sec. 19 indicates that select gasoline stations identified in the CREVI shall designate dedicated charging stations for the general public. This has given a lot of profitable opportunities for public and commercial establishments, parking slots and gasoline stations. 

Many studies have emerged for energy monitoring systems for solar charging stations. These smart EV charging systems are deployed in many cities in the US. As the law is now in effect here in the Philippines, surely, EMS is very efficient in solar charging stations. Imagine charging your EV and remotely monitoring its charging progress. Whilst, charging station providers are able to monitor and control energy generation and consumption. Data analysis is a great tool for the service provider to study peak hours and energy usage by consumers.

Solar EV charging with an energy management system is possible with Envision Monitoring. The future of EV and solar PV charging stations makes the country’s adoption of EVIDA very efficient.

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