Home Energy Trends for 2021


Home energy use are bound for changes this 2021, as a number of trends emerge. For one, climate change has been a looming threat that we’ve been trying to solve. There’s also the growing popularity for smart home devices as our technology continue to improve at a rapid pace. Prices for sustainable energy equipment are falling as they become more available. Here are trends that we think will be observed this 2021 that will impact home energy use this 2021.

Homes will be smarter

Built-in energy intelligence will be key in the fight against climate change, and this is a trend that we’re likely to see this 2021. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Zigbee are working on interoperability systems that can connect different smart devices. Energy efficient tools are likely to get an upgrade too. Imagine LED light bulbs and thermostats having the capability to track how much energy they use, giving the homeowner vital information on how to minimize energy waste and contribute to a more eco-friendly society.

Solar energy to be more prominent

Prices for solar panels and other necesary equipment are dropping with the advancements in technology and stronger competition. It’s not hard to see homeowners embracing solar as part of the total solution for sustainable energy demand. Some items to be taken into consideration when going solar are battery storage, eventual energy efficiency upgrades, and recharge capabilities for electric vehicles that’s bound to be used on a large scale in the future. Incentives are strong for homeowners to go solar.

Improved grid resilience and backup power

The threat of the Covid-19 global pandemic forced people to work-from-home arrangements which caused power surges as demand got higher, also taking into account summer time when it’s hot and everyone wants to turn on the air-conditioner. Utility providers will be pressured to make their grid more resilient. Homeowners are likely to buy generators for themselves to avoid being paralyzed at work during unexpected outages.

Reduced carbon emissions

RA 11285 or the Energy Efficiency And Conservation Act is still on the roll. It mandates companies to adopt lessen and make their energy use more efficient by implementing several green practices. The ultimate goal of the program is to lessen the country’s carbon emission which contributes to the fight against global warming.

Less dependence on oil and gas

Greenhouse gas emissions come from what’s in our households and garages, particularly those that burn oil or gas to work. It’s a good time to consider replacing your old gas stove with an induction cooker. Couple that with an air fryer (that made rounds in 2020) for some added health benefits. After being battered by a global pandemic, it’s a must for us to live green and to live responsibly. The effects of climate change are already evident, and we must stop at nothing to counter it. A green and more energy efficient household is more achievable now more than ever, and we should all take this chance for the common good.

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