frequently asked questions

  • How can we contact the support team?
    • On our Login page (,  a “Report a problem” button is located at the bottom right side. It will lead you to our issue reporting form. Kindly fill up the form completely and press submit. An email will be sent afterwards with a ticket number as reference to the problem.
    • You can also email us at For bug reporting, we highly advise to use our template provided below. You can place the details in the email body, or place it in a document and attach it to the email.
      • Email Subject: [Envision][Requests/Bug Report/Suggestions] Problem Title
        e.g. [Envision][Bug Report] User profile changes are not updated after re-login
      • Email Body Template:
    • You can also contact our hotline (02) 7624-3861 for urgent concerns
  • How can we access the API?
    • Accessing the API requires an authentication token. For security purposes, we currently do not allow our API for public access.
  • Our account isn’t logging in, what should we do?
    • Are you connected to the internet? The app requires a stable internet connection for both mobile and web. Please check that your device (PC/phone) is connected to your WiFi or mobile data.
    • If an error message is shown, please check the actions below corresponding to the error:
      • No response from the administrator. Please contact your administrator.
        • It means that there is an ongoing problem with our cloud servers. Kindly contact our support team.
      • Invalid user credentials
        • It means that either your email address or password used is incorrect. Please retry entering your correct login credentials.
        • If password is forgotten, you could reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Your Password?” link below the Login form. Please provide the email address and press “Reset Password”. Please wait for the email containing your new temporary password. On successful login, we advise you to change the password.
      • A user is already logged in to this account.
        • For every email account, only one user can be logged in. Please ensure that there are no other users logged in.
        • If you are certain that there are no other users logged in, please contact our support team to reset the login state of the specific user account.
        • NOTE: This error does not occur to mobile apps.
  • It seems that there are irregularities in data, any reasons for that?
    • If you noticed gaps in some times, EN-CORE might be offline during those times. The device might have been turned off or might been disconnected to the internet. It is also possible that a power outage might have occurred. It’s highly advised that you contact our support team/field engineers to verify the problem.

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