Energy Saving Tips While on Community Quarantine

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Many businesses are now greatly affected by the enhanced community quarantine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and businesses have either paused their operations or are now working on a skeletal workforce to keep the business running during this tough time.

While this is a challenging time for businesses in general, we may also look at the bright side and use this time to ponder and look for ways on how we can improve our business efficiency. And the best place to start is looking into energy efficiency.

In this blog, we’ve come up with some tips on how you can find ways to improve your company’s energy use, and in effect lower down your energy bills and expenses, especially during the community quarantine.

Get an Energy Audit

To reduce your energy cost, the first thing that you should do is performing a detailed audit of your energy consumption from day 1 to present. This will help you figure out your business’ baseline energy use and create a clear outline for ways to save energy at work. Through this, you can lessen the usage of particular equipment and fix other concerns related to electricity use.

Use energy-efficient equipment

Office equipment is the biggest factor why your electricity expenses keep on increasing. If you want to decrease your energy use, you must upgrade your equipment as well. It will be smart to invest in something that you can use wisely at the same time lessen the cost of your energy. This will be a great help to the business and the environment as well.

Turn off equipment when not in use

This is one little way that will surely go a long way in saving energy for your business; you will be surprised at how big you can save if all your employees will turn off devices that are not used. When computers and office equipment are not used by the employees, inform them that they should turn off any unnecessary device once they leave the office. Turning the equipment off is a little way to cut back on electricity.

Install programmable thermostat

A lot of businesses are still using an old thermostat that does not even track the energy use and how the temperature change. A programmable thermostat can help you control the temperature regulation specifically during non-working hours. It can be set at locked, standard temperature during working hours and it automatically switches to a different temperature during non-working hours to decrease energy costs.

Implement working from home

Due to the ongoing outbreak, the government has decided to implement community quarantine which affects a lot of business. But you can take this chance, to take advantage of saving electricity while your employees are not in the office. Make sure that all pieces of equipment are off and upgrade the old school equipment into energy efficient. There are many ways to save energy for businesses; these steps will surely benefit your company’s electricity bill especially in this situation wherein a lot of your staffs are at home. Take this perfect time to conserve energy and if you need expert’s help in monitoring your energy consumption Envision Monitoring is here to help you. We have expert teams that will meticulously monitor your consumption. Stop the worrying and act as early as now. For more energy saving tips and information, visit today!

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