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Many utility companies are now in the process of replacing their old analog meters into new digital meters, making energy monitoring easier and more efficient than it was before, thanks to technology.

The main idea why it has been called an advancement is generally because, unlike the traditional meters, this new digital meter is now equipped to measure electricity and gas consumption more
precisely. Additionally, they provide users with real-time accurate data on how to manage or control
their energy consumption.

So if you are still using the traditional analog meter, now is the time for a switch or maybe consider working closely with an energy monitoring service provider that uses new digital meters; this way you can have full control over your energy consumption.

But to make this a lot clearer, we will be breaking down four reasons as to why there is a need to invest in these new digital monitoring meters.

Accurate Feedback on Energy Use

One of the best things that your new digital meters can offer is accurate, precise, detailed and valuable data or feedback regarding your energy consumption. It is directly connected to a computer program that crawls back your facility’s historical data and compares it to the recent one.

This is highly important as this could be your guide on how to efficiently and effectively manage your energy use and learn which facet takes up the most energy and then plan to decline it. This way you can also cut your habits of using energy as it could lower down your energy costs to 3-digits or more.

Additionally, it’s real-time data so there’s no hassle in using it.

Full Control on Energy Consumption

As discussed earlier, this new digital meter goes to a computer program that allows you to see your
energy usage data on a real-time basis. This way you are fully in control of your consumption.

The system is also programmed to give you an alert if you are using too much energy more than the usual or when you are going higher than the demand level you have initially set.

This way you can also see which equipment takes the most energy and by that, you can take away non-critical items off the grid to avoid peak value loads. This new automated system can do all the guesswork out of your energy consumption.

Improved Accuracy

One particular issue with the traditional analogs is that they give out inaccurate and presumable data. Relying on analog meters may result in improper usage measurements and inaccuracy to the utility bills. Digital meters, on the other hand, is on top of accuracy and reduces the margin for error.


For people who are devoted to saving the earth and going ways to preserve the planet, this digital meter is a good way to start that advocacy. By this, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Why? When you have reduced energy consumption, it means fewer greenhouse gas emissions on power plants. This is not only an issue of expense but this a long-term solution to a whole lot bigger problem which is preserving the environment.

If you are not yet ready to invest in new digital meters, just contact us and we will help you with your energy consumption needs and help you save money and the environment.

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