Sustaining Resources in Limited Supply
Envision-Monitoring - June 06, 2019
It’s been said that money can buy comforts, but not happiness. What if I told you, however, that you don't need money to attain comforts, too? Simply speaking, when you make the most of what you currently have, you don’t need more of it. And no, the rest of this article won't go down the road of positive thinking or...
3 Future Trends in Energy Management
Envision-Monitoring - June 04, 2019
Energy efficiency involves more than just unplugging unused appliances or switching off the lights. Findings show that implementing energy management can reduce electricity consumption by up to 30%. The demand for energy management continues to grow throughout the year for both public and private sectors. To realize the full potential of energy efficiency and management, different tools to streamline energy...
Visualizing Energy Consumption Trends Around the Globe
Envision-Monitoring - June 03, 2019
It is astonishing just how energy-dependent the modern world is, and the power economy is a contemporary creation worth exploring. Global energy consumption and related parameters can be suitably depicted by heat maps, which visualize energy trends across the globe. As such, these heat maps allow you to gain insights on localized energy consumption, energy conservation practices, and industry climate....
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act Signed After Three Decades
Envision-Monitoring - May 19, 2019
Since 1988, the Department of Energy has been pushing for the approval of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA 11285).  The Act had been under review since the 8th congress before being  applied for the next years. Then, DOE, after many years of trying to move this act forward, has finally achieved it in 2019 thru the approval of...
Envision: Adapting to the Landscape of Modern Energy Monitoring
Envision-Monitoring - May 15, 2019
In the past few years, the inclusion of technology in different industries has become the norm. The pressure to create efficient processes, invent new machines and use artificial intelligence in our daily business tasks is creating an era of technological change. Without these nonstop and simultaneous changes, our lives would not have improved. It goes to show how effective innovation...

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