10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs
Envision-Monitoring - October 28, 2019
Going green or going rich? If you are looking for ways to either go green or start saving money, managing your energy is one great way to start it. From huge business establishments to households, one of the major sources of expenditure is energy bills. Take a moment to assess how much have you been spending on your energy consumption...
Being Energy Efficient in the Face of Climate Change
Envision-Monitoring - October 21, 2019
Climate change is not only imminent but is also an ongoing crisis. In simpler terms, it is a change in climate from the usual weather in a place. It is largely contributed by the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the use of fossil fuels. These days it has become a focal point of discussion in...
What is Energy Management and Why it Matters?
Envision-Monitoring - October 18, 2019
In line with the pressing issue on energy efficiency, President Duterte has finally signed into law, Republic Act No. 11285 also known as the “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act” last April 2019. This law was filed to recognize the need to institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation to utilize energy management.  As one of the steps to address the issues on...
Envision Monitoring System: Real-Time Energy Data You Can Check Anytime, Anywhere
Envision-Monitoring - October 11, 2019
Technology and the internet have given way for users to have more power and control over information and services, making them more informed than they have ever been. With the rise of the informed user, people nowadays want to know more than they ever did before. With this, smart solutions are growing as a way to cater to the informed...
What is the RA 11285?
Envision-Monitoring - September 25, 2019
On April 12, 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law an energy efficiency and conservation bill (also called RA 11285). Just by hearing its name, you'd already know that the bill is geared towards the benefit of the energy industry in the Philippines. But there's more you should know about it, find out below.

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