Are smart devices enough to save energy?
Envision-Monitoring - December 09, 2019
In the age of technology and innovation, wherein appliances and gadgets (or as you call it “smart devices”) are now interconnected, it is hard to see the line on which consumes more energy and what exactly to do about it. An assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Public Policy, Mr. Omar Isaac Asensio said that U.S....
The Benefits of Using Green Energy
Envision-Monitoring - November 25, 2019
With climate change being an ever-present issue, turning to green energy is slowly becoming the trend. Also referred to as renewable energy, green energy is harnessed from natural resources such as wind, water, and sunlight. It is a better alternative compared to the more traditional use of fossil fuels for our energy needs. It has the ability to reduce pollution...
Technology that can Lower your Household Energy Consumption
Envision-Monitoring - November 18, 2019
With the rise of new technologies almost every day, it may be hard to drown out the noise from all the advertisements around us and see what the practical option is. With prices for utilities such as water, gas, and electricity going higher by the day, the practical option may be the one that can reduce your household’s energy consumption....
Everything You Need to Know About Using LED Bulbs
Envision-Monitoring - November 12, 2019
Before you consider changing your LED bulbs at home, go through this article first.  The reasons behind switching to LED bulbs is pretty coercive –they last much longer than incandescent bulbs, provides interesting features and can save you money with its lower electric consumption.  These benefits are pushing into the demise of incandescent bulbs, which are now being phased out...
5 Common Causes of High Electricity Bill
Envision-Monitoring - November 08, 2019
Electricity is one of the things we might take for granted.  This is not just because we are so used to having electricity around as we navigate our day to day lives at home. Taking for granted electricity also manifests itself when we become passive consumers of electricity.  What does this mean? We often use our various appliances and fixtures...

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