Why Embrace EV Charging Stations with EMS
Envision-Monitoring - May 11, 2022
Republic Act No. 11697 was signed on April 15. It outlines the regulatory framework for the manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles. Its main policy aim is to promote the industry as a “feasible mode of transportation to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.” Philippines is a step away from accelerating the development, commercialization, and utilization of EVs and EV charging...
Saving with an Energy Monitoring System
Envision-Monitoring - March 25, 2022
Energy monitoring is valuable as energy conservation and management practice. Instead of blindly consuming energy, having an energy monitoring system makes energy consumption visible and viewable to the consumers. In fact, it can even send real-time meter readings directly to its respective electricity distributors. Importance of Energy Monitoring Energy monitoring plays a significant role in […]
Internal Combustion Engines vs. Electric Vehicles
Envision-Monitoring - March 24, 2022
With the current rise of our Fuel, one would think of switching to an alternative mode of transportation like Mass transport, carpooling, or going green with bikes or our topic this time; Electric Vehicles. Are electric vehicles viable and cheaper compared to owning and operating an ICE (internal combustion engine) Vehicle? Operating an ICE would take your costing to measure...
Electrical Fire Safety Tips this Fire Prevention Month
Envision-Monitoring - March 20, 2022
The month of March is usually when we start to feel the Philippine heat and humidity kicking back in after the chilly December and post-Christmas weather. Similarly, this month also brings in the highest number of house fires happening everywhere in the country. According to a news article by PhilStar, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) has reported 16, 382...
Globe Telecom’s Tower in Tarlac Features Envision Monitoring System
Envision-Monitoring - January 25, 2022
Globe Telecom, a prominent telecommunications service provider in the Philippines, promotes sustainability with the help of Envision Monitoring for its tower in Pitabunan, Concepcion, Tarlac as it transitions to hybrid energy. This project brings in a PV + battery storage system alongside fuel generator sets to transform into an energy-efficient tower with the help of […]

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