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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act
Congress Discussing on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act Signed After Three Decades

Since 1988, the Department of Energy has been pushing for the approval of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.  The Act had been under review since the 8th congress before being  applied for the next years. Then, DOE, after many years of trying to move this act forward, has finally achieved it in 2019 thru […]

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Subtle Causes of High Electricity Bill

It’s always daunting to maintain a budget when you’re not sure how much your utilities will cost in the next month. Lots of people dread receiving their electricity bill, especially those who have receive particularly high ones despite not doing anything in their knowledge that’s high in electricity consumption. It might be easy to blame […]

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Energy Conservation VS Energy Efficiency

Whether we are living in hard times or not, it is always prudent to strive for lower energy consumption. Both energy conservation and energy efficiency practices comes to mind because both contribute to the cause. Although similar in a lot of ways, these two concepts have their distinct differences in the energy world. Energy Conservation […]

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4 Ways to Conserve Electricity this 2021

Working towards minimizing your electric bill is always a worthy cause, both in an economic and environmental context. There are many different ways to minimize your household or office’s energy use, ranging from simple and easy behavioral changes to some of the more extensive and technological improvements. Here are ways you can explore to minimize […]

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Why Philippine Businesses Should Use an Energy Monitoring System

It’s essential for businesses to minimize costs on energy consumption, and investing in an energy monitoring system is a smart first step. An energy monitoring system is a mix of software and hardware tools that helps you measure your power consumption and show you insights, which in turn helps you make better decisions with regards […]

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What to Consider When Implementing an Energy Monitoring System

Business owners and industrial facility engineers are continuously challenged with achieving lower electricity bill for the organization, and coming up with more sustainable and earth-friendly solutions. One smash-and-grab solution for this is implementation of an energy monitoring system. Energy Monitoring System Defined Information-driven decisions result in more practical and effective outcomes, and it’s no different […]

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