Things to Consider in a Whole New Network of Fueling
Envision-Monitoring - September 29, 2022
Electric vehicles have been dominating the car industry due to its positive impact on cost and the environment. Establishments should see this as an opportunity to be part of it. EV chargers are a must to establish and sustain the EV industry. Businesses can take advantage of being a part of the whole new network of fueling – electric charging...
Basics of Policy, Regulation and Standards of Net-Metering
Envision-Monitoring - September 12, 2022
Solar power has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Many establishments, companies and even households are embracing solar as their source of energy to power their homes and businesses. It has become so modern that it continues to advance. One of its biggest and most beneficial advancements to consumers is not just the physical structure of the system,...
EMS, Much needed in this Electricity Rate Hike
Envision-Monitoring - July 20, 2022
Electricity hike started since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began. This was also followed by sudden inflation in oil price that brings most commodities its rapid boom in prices. Since the conventional source of electricity in the Philippines mostly comes from oil, the bill of every household and business entity has come to a surprise due to sudden blow up of electricity...
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act Signed After Three Decades
Envision-Monitoring - June 21, 2022
Since 1988, the Department of Energy has been pushing for the approval of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA 11285).  The Act had been under review since the 8th congress before being  applied for the next years. Then, DOE, after many years of trying to move this act forward, has finally achieved it in 2019 thru the approval of...
Solar EV Charging with EMS — Is It Possible?
Envision-Monitoring - June 16, 2022
Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the best options in contributing to a cleaner mode of transportation. Although EVs are considered an eco-friendly solution, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint remain an issue if conventional sources of energy are used to generate electricity to EV charging stations.  According to the DTI, EV players consist of 54 manufacturers/importers, 11...

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