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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act
Congress Discussing on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act Signed After Three Decades

Since 1988, the Department of Energy has been pushing for the approval of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA 11285).  The Act had been under review since the 8th congress before being  applied for the next years. Then, DOE, after many years of trying to move this act forward, has finally achieved it in […]

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How the Summer Season Affects Energy Usage

A lot of people might be curious as to why their electric bill is higher on the summer months. As we focus on keeping ourselves cool, the heat is on for our power supply. High-cost a result of high demand After a certain degree mark, the heat becomes unbearable and paralyzing for many, which makes […]

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What is Vampire Power?

Vampire power refers to all the gadgets and appliances that waste precious energy just by being plugged in even when they’re switched off. […]

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Updates On The RA 11285 (Energy Efficiency And Conservation Act)

The challenge for the Department of Energy always has something to do with compelling government agencies and private entities to comply with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) Act by way of reducing their electricity and fuel consumption. The carrot was that full compliance would result in certain advantages, particularly profits, savings, and sustainable economic […]

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Subtle Causes of High Electricity Bill

It’s always daunting to maintain a budget when you’re not sure how much your utilities will cost in the next month. Lots of people dread receiving their electricity bill, especially those who have receive particularly high ones despite not doing anything in their knowledge that’s high in electricity consumption. It might be easy to blame […]

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