Being Energy Efficient in the Face of Climate Change

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Climate change is not only imminent but is also an ongoing crisis.

In simpler terms, it is a change in climate from the usual weather in a place. It is largely contributed by the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the use of fossil fuels.

These days it has become a focal point of discussion in many countries especially those with ongoing protests for the government and world leaders to take more accountability with taking action to counter this crisis.

One of the best solutions to combat the deteriorating conditions of our atmosphere may be simpler, to be more energy efficient. There is a direct connection between energy use and the environment as less power consumed means less toxic fumes released by the power plants. Lessening these fumes can help conserve the Earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from being destroyed.

Here are some ways being energy efficient can help save the earth in the face of our climate change crisis:

Conserve Finite Resources

Cutting back on our energy use can help lessen the demand for energy which lessens the demand for fossil fuel. This is a step everyone can do, and can even start at our own homes. Measures such as turning off the lights when not in use and during night time and washing clothes in cold water are just some examples of this. Though these actions may be little, when compounded together over the course of years, they add up to consumption we can otherwise do without.

Excessive use of energy can also harm both wildlife and our ecosystems. The more energy we need, the more mining, logging, and other forms of extraction takes place which destroys natural habitats both on land and in the sea. Air pollution that is caused by humans is one of the major reasons why more animals are becoming extinct, threatening our biodiversity. Toxic wastes that these power plants create are also part of this problem, as they give way to toxic water pollution due to the mercury, lead, and arsenic that these wastes contain.

Reduce Emissions

This can be achieved by opting to go for low-cost alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy. Among these alternatives in renewable energy sources include solar energy and wind energy.

One of the most evident ways to lessen emissions is through decreasing power plant emissions. Power plants create energy by burning coal, crude oil, or other fossil fuels. Though this is the relatively inexpensive way to harness energy, it is known to release harmful byproducts such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and even nitrogen oxides which are not only bad for the environment but also reduce the quality of life for the people as well. All of these harmful byproducts are called greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide in itself accounts for much of the air pollution we see. These gases create a “greenhouse effect” that absorbs the sun’s warmth and keeps the heat in the atmosphere.

Though the alternatives cost more than burning fossil fuels, they are renewable and can benefit the earth in the long run. Other places, in fact, have begun the race of a net-zero carbon economy, such as the United Kingdom and the New York state who commit to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Both energy efficiency and infrastructure maintenance play an important role in achieving this, as lights in unoccupied rooms, poorly insulated and ventilated rooms all increase the carbon emissions. In the school district of Chicago, Illinois a large-scale energy upgrade took place on their facilities and it is estimated that the upgrade can reduce their energy consumption by about 50%. Also notable is the global use of LED in 2017 that led to the reduction of carbon emissions by 570 million tons, amounting to 2% of total emissions. Investing in newer and more energy-efficient solutions such as these can reduce electricity demand and allow the early decommissioning of the fossil fuel plants so we can move to more efficient means of harnessing energy.

Being energy efficient is certainly no easy task as it often requires discipline and going the extra mile in order to help our environment. Luckily there are energy monitoring systems available that make monitoring energy usage painless and the Envision Monitoring System is one of them. What makes it ideal is that it not only shows you the real-time energy usage data but also the historical data which can help in your tracking and analysis. It is also available to take with you anywhere as it can be accessed in the Envision app which allows you more control and keeps you up to date should there be any important alerts. Look no further for your convenient answer to energy efficiency, control your power usage and help take a stand against climate change.

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