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In the past few years, the inclusion of technology in different industries has become the norm. The pressure to create efficient processes, invent new machines and use artificial intelligence in our daily business tasks is creating an era of technological change. Without these nonstop and simultaneous changes, our lives would not have improved. It goes to show how effective innovation is these days. And it’s not ending yet, but rather,exponentially growing and expanding. As such, the energy industry is taking quick steps like modern energy monitoring systems to adapt to the ever growing changes in the advancement of technology.

As simple as they may seem, modern Energy Monitoring Systems use technology that are quite complex. Internet of Things, fast processors for data monitoring and even artificial intelligence to predict energy-efficient opportunities are just a few of the recent developments surrounding the energy industry. Energy monitoring before was done manually, and even the most expensive monitoring systems record just a few data points on energy consumption. Nowadays, real-time monitoring is possible – minute by minute recording of data that gives more accurate graphs. And data analysis has never been easier.

This is what Envision does. It’s real-time monitoring capability exceeds the current manual and slow monitoring processes found in industries. And the best part is, data monitoring now becomes mobile; data analysis can now be accessed anywhere you go even if you’re not on site. This is where the beauty and ease of use comes in; you’ll know if you’re exceeding your energy consumption target way before the monthly electricity bills arrive at your door. Therefore, you’ll be able to mitigate inefficient energy uses as early as possible.

If you’re curious about how Envision Monitoring works, it starts with your meter. We capture real-time data from your meter and send it to the cloud using devices that transmit data. Our software then receives data and stores it in a database, where data can be analyzed. You’ll get your daily energy statistics, including parameters that will be useful for further calculations.

The devices used in the Envision Monitoring System are all industrial-grade; you’ll never have to worry about its durability and weatherproof capability. Aside from that, they’re also flexible;you can connect it to different ports,and there are different sets of devices for unique environments. All these allow us to ensure that what we are offering is fully customized to our customer’s needs. We believe that every system is complex in itself,and what makes us unique is we always take the challenge of solving complex systems and processes.

To sum it all up, installing the Envision system will be beneficial for you in the long term especially with energy conservation and energy use efficiency. Who wouldn’t want less bills every month from utility companies? That’s our major goal – to make sure energy waste will be reduced and energy use will become clearer for all our customers.

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