Aboitiz Started their Energy Efficiency Journey

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Aboitiz chose Envision for their energy efficiency journey. Envision is a complete energy management ecosystem. From embedded hardware to our cloud-based energy monitoring platform, you can visualize, analyze and manage your energy wherever you are. Starting the energy efficiency journey since 2018, Envision has been providing energy solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Aboitiz chose Envision for their energy efficiency journey in one of its sites at Metro Manila. The system has been operational. Comprising four Sungrow 20kW inverters, this system is able to have a total of 80kWac and 99.66kWdc. Part of the system is a consumption meter with 460V. Solar Production Meter is also installed. 

Moreover, Envision was also able to install the monitoring system at another Aboitiz’s site in the North of Metro Manila. It is already done in the installation procedure and soon will be operational with a 240kWac and 303.6kWdc output from four Sungrow 60kW inverters. It also contains two consumption meters which have 440V and 230V systems. A Solar Production Meter is also present in the system. 

Part of the future installation on the systems of the two projects are weather stations on its rooftops. It will gather temperature, humidity, irradiance and back panel temperature. These stations are composed of  instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and climate. Both systems have zero-export functionality that curtails excess solar to prevent it from injecting into the grid.

Through the energy monitoring systems brought by Envision, these sites will be able to see their consumption data in real time. They will also be capable of identifying peak energy hours of these two business establishments which is a very powerful way to conserve electricity. Understanding how the energy meter runs is the key to knowing the energy data consumed real-time.

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