7 Electrical Safety Tips: Safety Proof Your Facility

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Did you know that faulty electrical wirings are among the top 3 causes of fire in the Philippines?

With electricity powering up most of our day-to-day activities, not only is it important to know effective measures to manage our energy expenses but at the same time, it is essential to know the safety measures that goes with it.

On this blog, we’ll run down a few helpful tips to safety proof your home from electricity:

  • Avoid overloading electrical sockets

Overloading is a common cause of electrical issues in your home.  Avoid plugging too many things in one outlet to avoid overload. Refrain from plugging more than one heating fixture or appliance into one outlet to avoid overheating.

  • Replace damaged cords

Damaged electrical cords are one of the most important things to look out for to safety proof your home. They can easily result in exposed wires that present high risks of electrocution, and even fire. Regularly check your electrical cords at home for any signs of cracks or exposed wire to avoid accidents.

  • Unplug appliances when not in use

One of the quickest ways to safety proof your home is by unplugging appliances and devices that are not in use. This reduces the chances of overheating or sudden power surges, and at the same time, also helps save up on your electric consumption at home.

  • Keep outlets away from water

It is common knowledge that water and electricity does not go well. Electrical cords should always be kept in a dry area. When working or plugging your electric devices, always do it with your hands dry, to avoid electric shock or electrocution.

  • Read and follow your appliance’s manual

Appliances and electric devices are equipped with a manual not only to teach you how to use it but most importantly, to make sure that you are equipped with the right information to use it safely. Read safety manuals before you operate and use your new appliance at home to ensure that you can efficiently and safely operate it.

  • Install safety caps and covers on all electrical outlets

If you have young kids at home, protect them from inserting materials into vacant electrical outlets that can lead to electric shock. A quick way to prevent this is by installing safety caps on all your outlets at home.

  • Ensure that you’re using the correct wattage for your home appliances

A common issue in most homes today is not using the correct wattage for your lights and fixtures. Use the right bulb to ensure that your lamp or lighting fixture is functioning properly, and at the same time not at risk for any electrical problems.

LED bulbs are also a great choice to not only save up on electricity but also reduce the chances of overheating as they consume much lesser electricity than regular bulbs.

Learn more about how you can efficiently manage your home and even business’ energy use with envision monitoring. To know more, visit our website at www.envision-monitoring.com or send us an email at info@envision-monitoring.com.

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