5 Common Causes of High Electricity Bill

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Electricity is one of the things we might take for granted. 

This is not just because we are so used to having electricity around as we navigate our day to day lives at home. Taking for granted electricity also manifests itself when we become passive consumers of electricity. 

What does this mean? We often use our various appliances and fixtures that take up electricity even when we might not need them. One way or the other, we have all fallen trap to becoming passive consumers of electricity. The worst part is we often only realize it when it’s too late with our electricity bill waiting for us at our doorstep. 

We’ve rounded up some of the causes to a high electricity bill in order for us to be more conscious about our usage.

1. Lights not used strategically

Leaving lights on is one of the things we all fall trap into. It is good to develop a habit to turn off lights when not in use and in unoccupied areas. Are you needing more light for your room? There is a misconception that if you want your room to appear brighter, lights are the only solution. Lighting in itself proves efficient in lighting up specific areas such as workspaces, couches, and the like. But the truth is, full ceiling lights can be less effective than individual lamps for giving you the light that you need. The reason behind this is that ceiling lights aren’t efficient or strategic, while lamps can provide more direct light.

2. The energy-efficient light bulbs 

Known for consuming 90% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, LED lights prove to be the better choice. They are more durable and can last longer which doubles as a value for your money. The more expensive price wouldn’t matter as these types of lights are for the long run. 

3. Outdated appliances

Are you holding onto old appliances for sentimental reasons? Or simply because you’re scared to make the switch? Whatever the reason may be, if you are using old appliances, it might be one of the bigger reasons why you are paying more on your monthly bill. Most newer appliances are built to be energy efficient as compared to the older appliances. Appliances on the market now come with the Energy Star rating which helps consumers see how much energy these appliances can use up, to better match it with their needs.

4. Vampire appliances 

Have you ever left your appliances plugged when not in use? Even if they might not be directly turned on, leaving these appliances and devices on idle mode are sucking up electricity. Most modern appliances and gadgets are able to do this as they never really power down. This is because just like our computers and televisions, they actually move to standby mode in order to make turning it on much faster or to continue in a set schedule. If your device has a clock such as microwave ovens and coffee makers, then chances are they still use up power when turned off. 

A good way to combat this especially if there are a lot of devices plugged in different areas is to use a power strip. That way, you only have to turn off the power strip instead of individually disconnecting all the plugs. 

5. Too much charging time

Having your phones, computers, or gadgets charged is a regular necessity however keeping them plugged in when they don’t need it anymore can be detrimental. If you are the type to keep your phone or laptop charging all day, you are draining energy which leads to a higher electricity bill. Since most gadgets only need around 2-3 hours of being charged, the battery life of your gadgets could be negatively affected as well. 

Being more mindful and conscious about your energy usage is a step into being a more active energy consumer. This is a great habit to develop as you would not only save your money but also know what the numbers in the monthly electricity bill mean when you get them. Managing your electricity starts with you. Get real-time data about your home energy usage with Envision Monitoring System and have more control over your consumption. Let Envision be your partner, learn more here https://envision-monitoring.com/.

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