10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

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Going green or going rich?

If you are looking for ways to either go green or start saving money, managing your energy is one great way to start it.

From huge business establishments to households, one of the major sources of expenditure is energy bills. Take a moment to assess how much have you been spending on your energy consumption in the past few months and if there are any wastages. If you find out that you are leaving the lights on overnight or plugging equipment though not used, then you need a little teaching about how to conserve energy to lower your bill thousands of peso every month.

Say goodbye to high electric bills. These tips below will help you increase your home efficiency for year-round savings.

1. Get an Energy Audit

Nothing makes the heart race faster than hearing the word “audit”. While this might sound like a negative thing but for your energy cost and usage, it isn’t something to worry about. There are utility companies that help you audit your energy costs for free and tell you where your money is going. They can also guide you on how to increase energy efficiency and lower your electric bills.

2. Turn Off Lights and Equipment When Not in Use

It might bring you surprise but according to Energy Explained, the average energy usage consumed by lights and other equipment take 51% of the overall spending in a single household. Imagine a home with multiple equipment left on though unused, surely it would use up so much energy. But if you make sure that they are in sleep mode or completely turned off then you can save up to dollar folds. Also, make it a habit to turn off lights when nobody’s in the room or everyone’s asleep. As for breakroom devices such as microwaves, TV, radio, etc., one tip to save electricity is to plug them in one power strip, so you can turn them off at the same time when not used.

3. Use Natural Sunlight if Available

Let the sunshine brighten your home! During daytime, open your window blinds or your doors. Having gentle warm lights come in your house is good for the mind after all.

4. Purchase Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

Before purchasing office or home equipment, always make sure they are energy-friendly and they work with optimum efficiency. If you have an old air conditioner that is not working efficiently, replace it with new one. It could draw out unnecessary power and save you money.

5. Use Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

Consider using commercial renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, to power your home or offices to lower your energy expenditures. Doing so would also generate power that is free of Carbon Dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gasses. Installing a commercial solar energy storage system also helps.

Energy management, monitoring, and conservation are global needs. It would not only reduce your energy costs but also help save the environment. It takes many people to create a difference. If you do these steps – you can put your business to a better state to compete and grow.

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