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ENVISION is a complete energy management ecosystem. From embedded hardware to our cloud-based energy monitoring platform, you can visualize, analyze and manage your energy wherever you are.

Simple, powerful, and cutting-edge, Envision makes energy data simple to acquire by providing an easy-to-use online tool for real-time and historical energy data analysis.

As you gain insight into your energy usage, informed decisions can be made about on-site generation such as solar power, load shifting batteries, or peak shaving generators. This is where the Envision system differentiates itself, offering a modular platform that can expand with you, controlling and optimizing the integration of these systems through historical and real-time data analytics.

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Your flexible, future-proof, cloud-based energy monitoring system that is capable of monitoring your facility’s electricity consumption and comparing actual energy usage with your monthly billings, the perfect system to conserve your electricity and money based on the data collected.



Introducing En-Lite. A plug-and-play energy monitoring device that monitors your energy usage and gives you access to constant, accurate, and real-time energy data. Light, customizable, and affordable, it takes a serial signal from your existing meter and converts it to Internet Protocol— it’s all you’ll need to send energy data to the cloud, and monitor your energy consumption.

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Overview ZeroExport PVGenset Microgrid

Linking data-driven
PV system component

With Envision's modularity and retrofit design, you can find ways to interface your components to an existing Envision monitoring platform and shift your facility from manual to automated controls

Overview ZeroExport PVGenset Microgrid

Zero export through

With the addition of on-site solar power, ENVISION monitors the demand and controls the power output of the inverters, ensuring zero export of energy to the grid. Thus, reverse feed is avoided and solar power is being generated at an optimum rate as site demand requires

Overview ZeroExport PVGenset Microgrid

Integrate your
Hybrid Solar/Diesel Sites

Through Envision Monitoring & Control solution, the client is provided with an automated data collection and intelligent data-driven control system that can manage the integration of their solar power plants with a diesel generator set, or synchronizing bank. The Envision smart algorithm optimizes both the solar penetration and generator efficiency, maximizing your ROI.

Overview ZeroExport PVGenset Microgrid

Smart control for your

Through Envision, the client is provided with an automated data collection and intelligent data-driven AI control for integration of all microgrid components. Solar and diesel generators are further optimized with the integration of a battery energy storage system (BESS). Envision's predictive demand forecast will monitor battery capacity, matching it to charge/discharge events later in the day.

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A Flexible, Future-proof, Cloud-based
Energy Monitoring System

It starts with your meter. Envision captures real-time data from your meter and sends it to the cloud using our proprietary embedded devices. Our commercial servers then receive the data and store it in a database, where data can be retrieved and analyzed. You’ll get your daily energy statistics, including parameters that will be useful for your internal review and report generation.


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